Ellen, new vegan.

I just found out, and this is exciting news (I wonder if my mom knows), that Ellen Degeneres, one of my favorite lesbians, is officially a vegan. Read some about it here.


One response to “Ellen, new vegan.

  1. She dont talk about it on her show. I watch it daily. Thats the way it really should be. I dont really care what other people are eating as I sit and wait on my food or while Im shopping.
    Ill watch Ellen till the end of her days but the day she starts begging people to go Vegan then Ill just have to go back to watching that annoying Regis and Kelly. =(
    Luckily I highly doubt shell do it. She is dealing with bigger issues right now (prop 8) I would NEVER vote that into effect. Everyone deserves to do what ever they want. If its being Vegan or being Gay everyone has rights to be happy.
    U have a fav Lesbian friend. I myself am in love with Ross Mathews. My husband wants to marry Ellen. I want to marry Ross. lol Who people marry is no ones business neither is their diets. Or their hair cut or the clothes they wear. Gotta be open minded in this world. Hopefully this election fixes some of this mess. That is only if McCain wins!

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